Hey! Cupcake!

There is great excitement in the Cupcakes house at the moment.  It is my daughter, Grace’s, fifth birthday.  I just love birthday’s, especially my children’s.  Of course, we had to have Cupcakes, so, I thought it was a great time to celebrate with Cupcakes of all kinds.


Chocolate Cupcake Bracelet

Handmade polymer clay cupcake beads, rose alabaster swarovski’s and gorgeous chocolate coloured catseye beads.  This yummy bracelet is finished with a sterling silver clasp and sterling silver heart extension chain.



Cupcake Dog Tag necklace

I love this gorgeous necklace.  Handmade cupcake dog tag, surrounded with swarovski crystals and handmade matching round beads.  Every little girl loves this one!



Strawberry & Chocolate Necklace

What a yummy combination.  This sweet little necklace is made using handmade polymer clay beads, swarovski crystals and pink catseye beads.  It is strung on delicate (but strong!) silver snake chain.  It is just so pretty with a gorgeous birthday outfit. 



Sparkly Cupcake with flowers

Here is a little bracelet sure to brighten your little cupcakes day!  This pretty bracelet is made using handmade polymer clay cupcake bead and matching flowers.  It is surrounded with swarovski crystals and white catseye beads. 

 Gorgeous cupcake earrings.  Handmade yummy strawberry cupcakes.

All Cupcakes Jewellery is available in the shop or by simply sending an email to me at michelle.dube@bigpond.com. 



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4 responses to “Hey! Cupcake!

  1. Georgia van Raalte

    hey, i simply adore you’re Chocolate Cupcake Bracelet. i would love to know if it was available to buy? and if so, for how much?

  2. Absolutely! All my jewellery is available for sale. If it isn’t in my store, (the link is on this page) then I can make it for you.

    I will contact you direct.

    Talk soon,

  3. bunz

    i just love the earrings.i was wondering if you make them because i was searching for a certain type of cupcake for a certain outfit. i was searching for a strawberry cupcake with vanilla icing(strawberry on bottom as the bread part) and colorful sprinkles. if you make them and can make the type of cupcake please please PLEASE let me know if you can(and the price).(i want to wear them for the first day of school) thanks x100,

  4. hi! i saw your cupcake earrings and i love them!
    i was wondering if you make these, and if you do i was wondering if you can make ones with a strawberry bottom with vanilla icing and with colorful sprinkles.but with the same style as the one in the picture.if you can make these please,please let me know if you can(and the cost……i do chores lol) 🙂
    thanx X100,bunnee

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