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What’s new for 2009!



I am really looking forward to this year.  I have so many ideas for gorgeous jewellery for your little cupcakes.  To start the year off, I have just finished these fun and fabulous headbands.

Fun and Fabulous pink button headband

Fun and Fabulous pink button headband

These fun headbands are made with a shiny pink button and finished with a sparkly swarovski crystal.  The headbands are covered in fabric and are really comfortable to wear!   The headbands are just $8.00 in the cupcakes store and there are tonnes to choose from!

I love using buttons at the moment.  I think they are really fun and pretty.  I have  used tiny covered buttons in these great rings and hairclips


Gorgeous Cherry Ring and Matching Hair clip

Gorgeous Cherry Ring and Matching Hair clip

These also come in lots of different colours so check them out in the Cupcakes Store

Don’t forget its Valentines Day soon.  The best day in the year to let those you love how you feel about them.  To celebrate love I couldn’t resist this gorgeous “I love you” heart pendant

"I love you" red heart necklace

"I love you" red heart necklace

I couldn’t resist making these beautiful bracelets for gorgeous little girls.  


Beautiful charm bracelet

Beautiful charm bracelet





And finally, I love these “little hoot” owl earrings.  How cute are these?????


Little Hoot Owl Earrings

Little Hoot Owl Earrings




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Michelle x


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Happy Silly Season!

Well, I have just had a wonderful time making lots of gorgeous pieces for little cupcakes to open on Christmas morning.  It has been so much fun designing these special pieces and is such a privilege to be able to make something for your special children.

The last of the packages have been despatched so I finally have some time to post some photo’s of my latest pieces.



A princess for a princess.  This one was for a gorgeous little girl who loved pink and purple.



Everyone loves cupcakes and these colourful cupcakes are always so popular.  This one is a gorgeous cupcake necklace with matching round beads.   So yummy!



Makayla loves pink, purple and fairies, so here is a bracelet just for her.   She also got a matching necklace!



These little peas are for a special set of twins!


Lastly, it doesn’t get more special than this.  This gorgeous glass pendant was made for a special mum.  Now she can keep her two beautiful children with her always.


I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my amazing clients a very merry christmas.  May all your dreams come true in 2009.

Lots of love,

michelle x

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Too Charming

Charms are still amazingly popular at the moment.  Everywhere you look, there are new ways to wear charms.  So many of my mum friends are loving their collection of Pandora charms and today, I saw Guess return to the more traditional looking charm bracelets.


 Baby Charm Bracelet


The beauty of a charm bracelet or necklace is that it tells a life history.  Every one is different.  Charms mark special occasions, such as birthdays or holidays.  Charms are given by friends and family who mean the most to us. Charm bracelets are a wonderful conversation piece and become heirlooms.  I still have my charm bracelet from my childhood, and  I can’t wait to hand it on to my daughter, Grace, when she is old enough, so she can start adding her own.


Rachel Zoe is an A list Stylist in Hollywood and in her book “Style A-Zoe” she has a list of what she calls “Jewellery Box Basics”.  She says:  “A simple chain for everyday wear, ideally with a charm that is personally meaningful.  It becomes a signature.”


I think this is so true.  How many little girls are so proud of the ballet shoe necklace, or the puppy charm that looks just like their dog.


At Cupcakes, we are designing a beautiful range of sterling silver charm bracelets for newborn babies, toddlers and even big girls.  Our charm bracelets feature the sweetest, cutest charms I can find, and are made especially for your little girl, with the charms that tell her life up to now.  We can even include birthstones and initials.


We also have available charm necklaces, again featuring charms especially chosen for your Cupcake.


 Pewter Heart Charm


All these charm bracelets and necklaces are available in the store and more are being added all the time. 


Please email me with any questions or ideas for your own personalised Cupcake Charm bracelet.  I’d love to help you create a gift that will be special for many years to come.



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